Tribu Cueros

by Angie Rodriguez


Protection of wallets and small leather goods.

For leather products, such as nappa, floater, croco, lizard, firenze, etc. It is advisable to protect it with colorless silicones (the polishing of aerosol furniture is a good option). You should never apply the silicone directly on the material, before it should be applied on a dry cloth and this on the product. Never wash in a washing machine or store the product in humid places.

Footwear Protection

It is advisable to clean with a dry cloth to remove surplus dust and then place colorless waxes to protect the leather from the shoes. Avoid storing both shoes in the same bag or box, because, due to the use, the sole can with dust and mistreat the material, especially in suede materials.

Spills of liquids

In case of spills, dry the liquid immediately with a clean cloth or dry absorbent sponge. Do not rub. Then dry with a clean towel and let dry the article to the environment (not to the sun). Never dry the material with a dryer, since the heat can damage the material.

Oil or grease

In the case of oil or grease stains consult specialized dry cleaners. Remember that leather is skin and are very susceptible to the absorption of these fluids.

Tips and recommendations

  • *The cleaning of the garments must be done in specialized dry cleaners.
  • *It is advisable to store the garments in sheaths, with an open weave that allows ventilation of the product, such as the product is delivered, in this way, moisture condensation is avoided, which can impair the good preservation of the material.
  • *Contact with inks, perfumes, makeup, alcohol, oils, sealants, waterproofing agents and solvents causes the material to deteriorate irrecoverably.
  • *Never use: Glycerine soap, abrasive cleaners, varnish, detergent or other cleaning products, alcohols or ammonia water.

Special materials

Chamois: Leather with chamois finish deserves special treatment A specific chamois protector is advised (although it may alter the color). Avoid rubbing with garments that tend to lose color (eg Jean)

  • *Avoid contact with surfaces with dust, grease, moisture, etc.
  • *Contemplate that they can transfer color to other garments.

Metallic: Metallic leathers deserve extra care.

  • *They are sensitive to friction.
  • *With the friction it can wear out its original brightness and color.

Hair: Hair is a luxury material so it requires special care.

  • *They are sensitive to friction.
  • *With the rubbing it can be worn.
  • Tribu cueros By Angie Rodriguez


At Tribu Cueros, we strive to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. However, some products may have some damage caused by transport or handling. In the event that this occurs please contact the 011 49538621 / WhatSapp(+54) 011-15-60452938 or send an email to

  • To resend damaged purchased products you must do the following:
  • 1. Pack the item in its original package (whenever possible).
  • 2. Include your order number, your name, last name and billing address.
  • 3. Send the item to the following address:
  • Tribu cueros By Angie Rodriguez-Av Corrientes 1965 4 L-C.A.B.A (1045)

It is recommended to send through a courier company that is reliable and secure the merchandise. The customer must pay for the shipment and once the merchandise arrives at the Exchange and Returns Center and it has been verified that the failure was effectively caused by manufacturing error, shipping or handling, the shipping cost will be refunded. Guide number that was given to you to ensure that the goods shipped arrive at the Change and Return Center.


Track your order

Once the order has been withdrawn by the logistics company, we will send you an email with the guide number. With this guide number, these companies will be the ones who will provide you with tracking information on the delivery, from the departure from our premises to the delivery at the address indicated at the time of purchase. Delivery time depends on the way it is shipped.

If you have lost your guide number, call the 011 49538621 / WhatSapp(+54) 011-15-60452938 or send us an email to